Monday, September 27, 2010

impressions over a weekend

that spas will always be sites for cruising, despite how family-oriented the place may be. eyes will always wander, and for some people, feet too. it's already embarrassing enough to have advances be rejected, but to have it escalated that people needed to be escorted out, interrogated and most probably, blacklisted from the establishment, just because they could not keep their eager appendages to themselves, is just too sad. even the gays looked down on it, as one older queen said "madami namang ibang lugar dyan, dito ka pa nanlalandi".

a 200 peso tip is not necessary if something expected is done right. it is, however, almost too little if something is done exceedingly well. my masseur, Jess, whom i am shamelessly plugging, knows his stuff. being a therapist myself, i often find myself scrutinizing the technique of whoever handles me, even evaluating their enthusiasm in their work. Jess, however, from the first time he handled me, was different and had always been different from the rest. quality of work like that should not be left unrewarded.

dimples always catch my attention, that and a beautiful smile. i spotted you as you were walking down the driveway, despite the fact that you and your friend were shrouded by the corridor shadow. i hate it that i could not recall your name (hence, no way to check your facebook, hehehe). you are quite definitely good eye candy.

i have a new found respect for someone. i did not come about it because of the things that he does, but because of how his people treat and stay loyal to him. your passion is admirable.

it is a blessing to be able to share something precious to a friend. i may have only so few, and among those few, fewer that is of value. but to be able to offer the best that is of me, that little that i foolishly had failed to nurture, that little faith i have, was a glory to me. i hope it would be help to you too.

boy of little impression, i hope your eavesdropping would help you rekindle something that you lost a long time ago.

tight shirt buttons and drunken fingers from a disinhibited admirer can be an awkward combination.

a kiss in the cheek was all i got, that and long, warm, and pleasant hugs. it would have been nice to have gotten more than what was offered. it would have been nice if i asked for more from what was given, but i did not. i don't think i should make room to complicate things further. things are already cumbersome as it is.

israel is hilarious, to say the least, inebriated or sober. 

interlocking fingers, i had thought, would make me feel something again, but it did not. i seem to be loosing my touch. nothing felt the same that entire night.

large crowds always leave me feeling drained.

skipping church, despite how i lack sleep, should never be an option. i wouldn't know how life would be for me now, and the many years to come if i did so yesterday and did not hear what i heard. never belittle opportunity.

my barber, tata, is by far, a perfectionist. he is also very nice to look at as he studies your hair and your head.

shoe salesmen are fun to talk to. they are also funny to look at as they fight with each other as to which sells the better shoe.

i love to smile and greet sales people back. courtesy should always be returned. i can only imagine how awful it must feel to be treated as if you don't exist.

you can get away with a lot of things as long as you remain pleasant. throwing an attitude will never get you complimented.

popcorn and chocolate tastes weird. caramelized popcorn with chocolate is even weirder.

fatigue, dry eyes, mismatched interiors and sensory overloading turn me obnoxious.


Manech said...

"boy of little impression, i hope your eavesdropping would help you rekindle something that you lost a long time ago."

This line spoke to me. Ugh. How can one revive the past without the marks, the smudges?

jamie da vinci! said...

@manech. you'd need to know who the boy is first, and why he is of little impression :)

wanderingcommuter said...

it was nice seeing you again, jamie!!!