Saturday, June 19, 2010

my HOT muay thai trainer

what is with trainers nowadays...

so i have had this, well, FIXATION, with this one particular muay thai trainer. Marlon knows of him, heck we even compared why mine was SO much better than his. anyways, i went back to the boxing gym last night and having forgotten that i just got back that day after a LONG hiatus, my trainer had me do the most grueling sets that left me seeing STARS after we finished (look, there's vilma, nora, and... OMG, was that maricel?)

it didn't help that everyone seem to be afraid of the electric fan. the entire gym's temperature stayed at a toasty 32 degrees... even at 9 in the evening. no air, not much ventilation (because of electric fanophobia) and all that heat generated from all these boxers sweating had me leaking buckets, so much so that with every punch and kick i do, it sends a spray towards my poor trainer.

the punishment was intense.

but what was more intense was my trainer. lean build, small waist, muscular shoulders and torso and utterly flawless skin, glistening in what must be testosterone infused sweat. talk about a hannibal lecter moment... (my precious, AY, wrong character). unlike the aero instructor that i can only muster a brief smile at, i can converse casually with my muay thai trainer. so casually that last night, he was asked my opinion as to how to treat a pulled muscle, knowing that i was a PT. the muscle in question... his adductors... the inner thigh muscles..... where he pulled them..... near his groin. i was seated on the mat already, trying to catch my breath when he stood in front of me, then started POINTING and PRESSING against his, well, package, just to show me where EXACTLY he feels the pain... it took every bit of will power i still had left in me to stop me from staring. i instead focused on his shorts... they were of white polyester.... drenched in sweat.... clinging tightly against his thighs... showing fully well his black tanga briefs..... HAAAAAAYNAKU!!!!!!!

HOT PACKS. that was my suggestion. apply them over the affected area for 10-15mins, observing only mind comfortable warmth and avoiding too much strenuous activity that may aggravate the healing... that was what i said, as formally as i could, my eyes now gazing blankly at the mat since.... i cannot risk looking anywhere else, lest i find something else to get excited about. i CANNOT take that risk.

he appreciated my suggestion, and in return for my medical opinion... we had a few more rounds of his GLADIATOR routine. a hug would have been better, but i have never been that lucky before.

that night, as i laid in my bed, waiting for slumber to come upon me.... i recalled my trainer and his complaints. it occurred to me that it was taking a bit too long for his strain to heal, considering how good the blood supply is in the groin area. i then recalled him pointing to another area around his privates...

before i slipped into my happy dream, i think i deduced that he should get himself tested for a hernia.


Trip said...

since ur a PT u know better. if i were the one he asked i would have tried to massage that area. hahaha. just kidding.

joelmcvie said...

Mali diagnosis mo! Blow-job. Blow-job lang ang kailangan ni hot trainer.

didinskee said...

haha, the wiki sez sportsman's hernia. Sounds pretty bad, but any excuse to get into a sexy man's pants, I'm all for it.