Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mr. aero instructor

you had me with your celtic (pron. KEL-TIK) armband tattoo. your inked medieval twine, beautifully laced and emblazoned on your glowing brown skin, set against your strong arm, holding tightly as you move and roll. you are a delight to watch. you are a joy to see. tuesday nights are almost sacred now. i wonder when i'll muster the courage to talk to you? for now at least, you return my smiles.

i don't think i want to write about how you look in your briefs. that would be too embarrassing and obscene. blushing now. hihihi.


Eternal Wanderer... said...


give us the nasty details! lolz

john stanley said...

ay si jamie, kinikilig! hehehe.

Reena said...

yihee! hahaha.

Carabrant said...

*kurot sa tagiliran*