Saturday, February 26, 2011

my triumvirate

february 25, 2011

it was secretly supposed to be just about Dodong, but not too long after he came out to greet the hungry eyes and fantasies of the audience did things quickly turn into something else.

he must have been the personification of the ideal, the projection of the secret wishes and hopes of perfect, blissful existence that many members of the audience that night had. it was, in a way, fun to wish that ideal for myself as well. so i laughed, i smiled, i smirked in my glee, tickled by the prospects and the scenarios this bit of fiction is creating in my brain, but the joy was hollow. none of it felt real. none of the feeling lasted.

there was another production playing that night and despite the lights, the effects, the loudness of the music and the pathetic audio of the performance happening in front of me, my attention was elsewhere.something far more interesting, intriguing, captivating, was happening and it took my undivided attention. unfortunately though, this show, too, gave me no joy.

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claudiopoi said...

lol. ignat sa raid. haha. joke lang, my friend. :)