Monday, February 14, 2011

a curious incident in the evening while in the bus on the way back to manila

i was seated on the second row from the back. it was tight and uncomfortable. the bus was new but the spaces between seats was cramped. i didnt understand why they had to make the spaces smaller. i don't think shorter people would prefer newer buses while the taller ones go for the older. despite the discomfort, the bus was at least clean and devoid of any moldy smell. i disliked moldy smells. it reminds me of decaying matter under my butt, probably eating away onto my flesh on some microscopic level. thankfully, i was too tired to be bothered. not long after i sat in my seat, i soon found myself dozing in and out of sleep. everytime my eyes would open, i would be in another part of pangasinan.

maybe it did not attract short people, but the new bus attracted many passengers since we kept stopping at almost every few meters the bus would move. this was my first time to be in a bus wherein all the seats became packed in just a span of a few minutes, none of the passengers, i found, were short enough to fit comfortably in the spaces provided between rows. i did however notice the guy sitting in front of me. it wasnt hard not too since he was maybe one of the best dressed in the bus. i took special notice of him since he got up to wave at his friends before the bus departed from the station, and because he sat uncomfortable close in front of me, just because the seat rows were close to each other. i dozed off soon after again.

i woke up a few minutes later since i felt i fell asleep with my mouth slightly agape. i felt embarrassed because it is a funny sight to sleep with your mouth open. i was also afraid i might drool. i had a friend who drooled. it was not very funny, especially if he drooled on you, his saliva probably feeding further the mold already feeding on your flesh from the seats. i also woke up because i felt more cramped than before, surprised that it was even possible despite the sardine-line condition of the bus. the guy seated in front of me had reclined his back, far enough that i could see his head and count his hair and surmise how cheap his greasy hair wax was. i had my bag on my lap and it was the only thing that was keeping him from further reclining and squash my balls. i was slightly irritated, but again, maybe it was the sleepiness, decided not to react. he tried to further recline his seat, but my bag was too bulky to give in. he took a glance back at me, i stared back at him. he did not stay long with my eye contact. i fell asleep again.

when i woke up much later, it was already becoming dusk outside and my seatmate, i found had already alighted from the bus. quickly moved to that seat and was thus able to stretch my cramped legs a bit. the guy seated in front of me also now could recline his seat further, to which he did. he looked at me again, this time, almost inquisitively. i looked back and thought, maybe hes never seen a chinese guy before. it's a possibility. i once met an african zulu who seriously thought i could do karate because of what he saw in the movies. i told him i cant, because karate is japanese while i am chinese. the guy kept glancing back at me many more times after that, until, i guess after my brain started to function properly, that i realized, this guy was checking me out. it also helped that i saw him groping himself while looking at me. like with all things related to the improper and obscene, i often go into a cold, frigid blank, a severe state of indifference. he could have moaned and groaned and all i would be able to do was stare at him blankly and blink... which i did. he tried to get me aroused i think by fidgeting in his seat and showing that he's touching himself but all that i could think of was how uncomfortable it must be for you to slide up and down the bus' seat. like all public buses, the seats were laminated in plastic wherein shear pressure was your main enemy, especially in long trips. not only did he looked uncomfortable and raunchy, i could also imagine the friction burns he could be inducing to himself from constantly rubbing his unnecessarily tight jeans. he was not the slimmest of subjects since i could see a chunk of his flesh pressing against his also unnecessarily tight shirt. probably realizing he was not getting anything from me, he turned around and faced the other way. thus ended his show, thus also ended my frigid spell. i then fell asleep again.

when i woke up, his seat was now up and it seems he found for himself a new point of interest... the guy seated in front of him. i have to say, he is awfully persistent, more so, i found it amusing how coincidental it was that you have three guys, seated one row after another, all of which were gay. there was some transaction happening between the two of them, exchanged thru stares and some other body language. not long later, the guy moved beside to the seat in front of him and thats when things started to REALLY happen.

i was reporting to Irog blow by blow accounts of what i was seeing since it does not take a genius to interpret sucking sounds, head disappearing behind seatbacks, unusual vibrations and the faint, but still audible escape of a moan. i didnt understand why again i was not offended with what was happening, maybe again because i found it utterly laughable what i was witnessing. three rounds later and the two of them were done. i heard whisperings and kissings and the other person even going further of taking a picture of the two of them hugging together with his blackberry. it seems that they are now in a relationship. i guess some people just dont like wasting time. the new guy eventually had to go since we arrived at his stop. he had an almost spud-like shaped face and head, not really helped by his crew-cut hair and his geeky glasses. he was taller than the other guy, longer limb but a doughy torso. he gave an ok sign to his boy who was left behind and disappeared as he got down. the guy who sat in front of me never looked back at where i was, all the way until we got to the station.

this is my second time to be a voyeur.

im heading back to the province again this weekend.

i dont think there is anything charming with a third time.


Eternal Wanderer... said...


i think i wanna ride on the bus you rode on!

Denz said...

hows that for a memorable valentine post? hahaha Im laughing my ass off! thanks jamie! haha

Anonymous said...


Iyan na talaga ang uso ngayon.