Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the puzzle

dahil maraming lumpo sa mundo, at maraming tingin sa mga nakakapaglakad ng matuwid-tiwid, saklay. di lang nila taimtim na pinapansin na ang matuwid-tuwid ay di pa ring ganap na tuwid, at ang mga inaakala nilang mga saklay ay umiika-ika rin.

i've been slowly putting in the pieces, parts taken from different sources, from the looks of people to the energies they emit to my own personal experiences. the picture is not yet full, and i don't think it will ever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't tell me a story, and what a story it is.

i'm building a multifaceted puzzle, bound together by people whose paths seemed to have intertwined in an interesting web. you strummed them all, it seems. some lightly, the vibrations having quickly dissipated. some harder, to the point that their strings fail and they fall. it is highly interesting to see how all these people's stories interlocked because of you. it almost feels as if you created them, their stories sprung out from the genius of your great handiwork... or maybe, their hopes and their dreams and their wishes were the ones that created you, their underlying need for acceptance and guidance fueled you and your identity.

the gaps will never be filled. there really is no point for it, but a pattern emerges still. wise and gifted as some would say that you are (and i don't see any reason why i should not agree with the truth), i cannot help but feel that you will never be someone i will aspire to become. maybe this would explain why the gaps exists, why the picture is never complete, why the puzzle will always remain unfinished. makes me now wonder why i hold on to putting things together still.

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