Saturday, January 15, 2011

musings of a flatlining brain

ian wright said it best, that the curious would always have stories to tell. i was curious once, very curious indeed, and true enough, i had something to say about almost everything. that, however, was before.

i am rather afraid to say it, but nothing seems to excite me anymore these days. nothing enticing, nothing stimulating. everything, it feels, is lost in a state of utter blah. its almost as if i took a rather communist view point onto everything, where everything is equally interesting and thus, nothing anymore is.

maybe i've gotten too used to my surroundings, maybe ive seen everything that is there to see. maybe ive been bombarded by so much already that i'm numbed to the bone. maybe i'm just turning into a really, really boring guy.

my brain feels like mush right now, a product of fatigue, both physical and mental, and maybe lack of sleep as well. constructing sentences is become more laborious, more so having full intelligent conversations. speaking of full conversations, my beloved and i were sharing a moment over cups of coffee, as well as decadent portions of glorious cake (i just love cake). i love moments like this, where we are lost in each other's attention, deeply focused on each others voices, and just bonding.

on other less interesting notes, i have now a stupid reason as to explain my recent episodes of bitchiness... i'm now a leo, and no longer a virgo. funny no? explains a bit why im short fused and a bit more vocal than normal. can't say im not adjusting to this sudden bursts of bluntness, but to be quite honest, i don't mind it at all. maybe learning to be more direct is the lesson to learn this 2011. it certainly would help me save on time.

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joelmcvie said...

Unfortunately more explanations are coming up re that zodiac brouhaha, and it seems that everyone's signs remain as is.

Whatever. =)