Monday, January 3, 2011

overcoming inertia, again

despite coming home past midnight last night from what i hope would be THE LAST GLUTTONOUS SUPPER in honor of the holidays, i still chose to wake up at 530am, the usual time i would wake up on a workday since, well, it was a work day. i could have actually had about an hours worth more of sleep but i opted not to. instead, i hauled myself, more like rolled actually, off my delightful bed and threw myself into my gym attire and headed out to my neighborhood gym.

walking around the delightfully safe streets of tondo (notice the underlying hint of sarcasm, in case you haven't noticed), long before the first pot-bellied cop has stirred from his (probably) mistress's mattress, was certainly not the most ideal way to start the first work week for the year, but, i reckoned, surely even the criminals are too suffering from the laziness that many people were feeling at that moment. besides, i thought, nothing much there to take from me except for my stinky shoes and my torn towel. needless to say, today was just any other day... so i was trying my best to be convinced. live today like it was any other day and hopefully, the hurtful realization that i would have to go to work a few hours from now wouldn't make me THAT miserable.

gym was as cruel as i had expected it to be. the holidays had wrecked havoc of months of good progress and i now find myself struggling once more, as if i hadn't done any work at all, this the harsh realities of what is the product of poor genes and a very slow metabolism. defeated as i was, however, i did not rest too long in my discouragement. it was a new day, and new opportunities were at hand.  there were only three of us who were insane enough to go to the gym the first thing in the morning. even the sun, it seemed, thought that it was crazy to rise that early, especially on such an overcast and chilly day. none of the usual gym folk were there. no happy mommy voices cackling about the latest gossip, nor the usual arrogant banters of the bulky gym rats (who, despite their aggressive regimens, don't seem to look like they're loosing their guts). just me, and two other sorry looking blokes, slaving away on machines and weights, which, from how they felt, didn't really like the fact that we disturbed them as well from their slumber.

i huffed. i puffed, and strained my poor, heavy body. stagnated blood eventually moved. plugged sweat glands finally got a flowing. i was a reawakened machine... now, if only i could keep myself going.

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