Wednesday, November 17, 2010

morning vomit

poetry, it seems, comes easy
when authors have fallen in love.
words become utterly cheesy-
mushy, like light feathers of doves.
it can, alas, be sickening,
like vomit building up inside;
like the splat of all things nasty,
when the hard ground and you collide.
this has to stop, and end soon, please!
for authors can't function like this.
we need drama, pain, agony,
not drown in unspeakable bliss.
o, the torture it leaves us all
to be bound by such strong feelings:
of unicorns and honey-bears;
of pink, fluffy imaginings.
gone are the days of great grey gloom,
of thunderclouds and heavy skies.
all things now are in sanguine hues,
for my heart now in your hand lies.

MY GAD.... ANG CHEESY!!!!!!!

i love you, kapampangan quezo! :)


claudiopoi said...

hm. pansin ko lang.

mahilig ka sa



stay in love, man!

jamie da vinci! said...

two reasons:

1. i'm an old soul, and considering how i gravitate towards "o" and "alas".... i'm practically JURRASIC! :)

2. mainam silang pandagdag syllables, lalo na if your obsessed with syllabication. nyahahahaha!

i will claud, thanks for bearing with my nauseating mushiness... :)

Reena said...

bakit nga ba poetic ang mga tao when in love? :) i'm so happy for you! stay happily in love. :)

Misterhubs said...

That's what love can do. Di bale nang cheesy kesa naman dedma. =)

Anonymous said...

haaaayyy naku another post na nagreremind sa akin nag magiging malamig pa sa north pole ang pasko kez.

i am happy for you mars, don't get me wrong pero... saan na ang justice sa planet earth?


in fernez... sumabay ng pagiging poetic ang word verification: pitua

lurkei lang

the geek said...

if ever i will compare this post to actually witnessing it, this post is nothing... hahaha

jamie da vinci! said...

@reena. Bakit nga ba? nyahahaha. you should read the haikus we send each other... YIHEE!!!

@misterhubs. nakakapagod maging cheesy... hinihingal kasi ako sa sobrang kilig. hahahaha!

@yong. what name do i call you pala? honda? fanboi? :)hehehehe. paumanhin naman po kung langamin ang blog ko. minsan lang naman to, swear. once every, um.... 31 years! LOL!!!

@geek. you haven't witnessed anything yet... :)

VICTOR said...

Cheesy should not be guilty! Cheesy is just plain old happy! :)

MkSurf8 said...

i love cheese. let's have wine & cheese in SG. bawal mag attend ang walang ka-keso. choz!

ghwace said...

nice one~ hehe!