Thursday, January 14, 2010

the vault of sin

you hear her call your name again, ever so faintly in the still night's thick darkness. you swear you are in deep slumber but yet, every inch of your naked body is aware, awake. they spasm and twitch, heeding to her soft invitation. come, she utters gently. come, her whispers repeat.

it almost felt like an instant, your rising, dressing, journeying towards her, standing before her, here now in front of her familiar door. you remember, past times of weakness when her services were your only form of respite from the harsh, cruel world. she was faithful to you, catering to your need, your lust to be numb and forget. she offered you the world and fed your desires until you were saturated with her fatness, until you were filled with her riches, until you desired no more... until that is, you fall weak again.

come in. come in.
come and sample my plenteous riches.
one for each sin, your satisfaction, guaranteed.
they hail from the world over,
taken from exotic, rich places,
marinated in mystery,
perfumed with ancient secrets.
try just one? better, try them all.
try them until you find
him that brings you to paradise and more.

i looked around and set my eyes on the one from Turkey, his decadence was certainly too good to ignore. his olive flesh was enticing, dewy, moist, and supple. his scent, intoxicating, robust with eastern spices. i hand picked him out, certainly the best from the lot. he came with me willingly, his fate fully surrendered. so i took him into my mouth, and bit into his soft flesh. i let my tongue brush against the incredible texture of his skin. i sucked on his life juices as they oozed out of his body. he tasted salty, then bitter, followed by unbelievable sweetness. i took my moment to savor my delectable surprise. i stood there in my silence until a tap on my shoulder startled me...

"kumakain ka na naman? yan ba yun figs na dala ng auntie mo?"

"mmmm, yes?"

"kain ka ng kain. past midnight na ah... kala ko ba sabi mo, on a diet ka for boracay?"

"hehehehe, nagutom eh...."

"diet diet pa kasi. di mo naman kaya. sara mo nga yung ref. sayang kuryente!"

"yes mom."


Herbs D. said...

i cant believe i wasted 10 minutes of my life playing your penguins LOL

and oooh! summer! can't wait to drag my own flab by the beach soon.

Andrei Alba said...

see. i told you. this is something.

write more.

i want to read more.

wanderingcommuter said...

you know i can relate on this... hahahaha!

miss you jamie!

dabo said...

uy namimiss din kita! hug kita kapag nakita kita ah..huh?

citybuoy said...

vault of sin indeed. i have a strange habit of opening and closing the ref door. i keep looking for something that would make me full.

red the mod said...

She is heartless, cold and utterly uncompromising. Her lure an ever-changing montage of gustatory glee. I can relate. I find her hard to deny as well.