Saturday, January 2, 2010

the morning after

my eyes opened to a dark, cold room. i slowly reached for my phone to check for the time. darn. 10 already, i lazily thought to myself. i missed the alarm again. it's saturday now and the day when this luxurious lethargy of mine would become a curse draws ever nearer. one more day, one more day... fuck. now les miserables is playing in my head. well, i can't really complain about that. i slowly got up, groped in the dark for my glasses and walked towards the bathroom. i passed the mirror and saw what the holidays had done to me. a year older, a lot fatter, eyebags baggier, an uneven moustache growing on my upper lip. what a way to greet the day. in the midst of this brief inspection, i turned away and quietly hoped that this year, at least, i would be wiser, deeper, kinder, and to a silly degree, more spiritual.

morning bone, followed by a deflating morning leak.

the late morning sun was not as inviting as i had imagined it to be. bright but diffused, i found myself adjusting to the intense glare as i opened the door of my room and walked out into an empty house. the air was much warmer, to my dismay. the days are now getting longer and so heralds the beginning of what will most probably be, a very interesting year.


thecurioscat said...

cheers to a very interesting year ahead of us

Anonymous said...

this year, as with any other year, it is really what you make of it.

and this year, i think we'll be creating more memories together. you know how much you and the rest of the guys mean to me. I love you, happy new year! :)

red the mod said...

Such a haunting narrative. Replete with detail, devoid of hope.

Cheer up! Chances are, from hereon there's no other way but up. :)

Andrei said...

can't wait for the next.

keep in touch.

citybuoy said...

very beautifully written, jamie. here's to an awesome 2010 for all of us! :D

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Les Miserables, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.