Friday, October 9, 2009

an elementary rhyme

i noticed it without trying,

five fingers flared out to me.

to a brilliant note, corralling,

“oh my god!” “come look!” “come see!”

this news that’s very important,

a great story? It must be!

my full attention, I gave it

as I listened intently.

it was a tale full of “oh my!”s

of “uh-huh...”s and of “hee-hee”s.

i’d tell you more about it, but

i just have a bad mem’ry.


The Green Man said...

Hi Jaimies dear,

I hope this is not you being bullied or laugh at during grade school days. hihihi.

I look forward to read the deatails soon.

Stay well and good :-D


The Green Man said...

no need to post this commnet.

Jaimie dear, I just would like to ask how I could get a snow like the one on your site... Please do let me know :-D


wanderingcommuter said...

hahahaha. the rhyme perfectly match the penguins... can't help but notice them...

Victor Gregor said...

been quite a while since i dropped here. it's interesting how seemingly innocent childhood rhymes haunt us later in our grownup lives.

Boying Opaw said...

The Green Man,

I hope this helps...