Friday, October 2, 2009

bone picking

i would have been pacing the room, freaking out ballistic, if it weren't for the fact that i was sitting down. my brain tried it's best to wrap around the words i was reading, while a greater part of me was keeping my temper at bay, but the sharps words kept coming.

years of struggle seemed to have been reduced to mere whining and great efforts to keep the peace, discredited to a petty display of inaction. i wondered to myself why was i feeling so attacked? i have had people judge me before, criticize me before, hell, i even had one falsely accuse me of something i didn't do in public before, and yet in all those times, i did not react nor felt anything against the persons involved. yet here i was, seething, feeling mocked.

maybe it was because i didn't know those people. more so, because i knew they didn't know me. i pick on whatever wisdom there is to gain from the experience, then brush off the dust and move on. there's nothing really much more to expect from strangers acting blind. but to the people whom i thought knew me better, whom i expected more from...

i rarely take offense. i really rarely do. but i am offended now.

never, ever presume. you tread a dark and uncharted road if you do. wiser people would only linger around the path where light can still reach it, and even then still exercise caution. to go deeper is not brave but reckless and downright foolish.

never try to shed light on something you don't fully understand. you might just disturb something you are not ready to handle.

never be over confident. the small piece you hold may not be part of the whole you think you have. blanket judgments have cost people dearly. not all symptoms are by the same malady. wiser people take time to be sure before they act.

never underestimate silence. a lot of times, the quiet is more productive than senseless discourse. if words are indeed necessary, chose wisely, else, you just might regret the things you say.

pardon me now then, i hope you don't mind but, i will be quiet now.


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rudeboy said...

Enigmatic post.

We can dismiss the opinions of people who don't matter to us. It's the opinions of those who do that sting. Because of the value we attach to them.

Cryptic words reveal as much as they conceal. The way a black hole is discovered only through the way it blocks the light from stars surrounding it.

And with that, I shall cease any further assumptions. Because assumptions make an ass out of u n'umption.

the geek said...

never underestimate silence.

amen to this.

citybuoy said...

there are many ways to lose battles; first among them is to engage in battles. i envy people who can keep their silence. you shouldn't have to apologize for it. i hope you feel better. :D