Thursday, May 28, 2009

super lola

"bless this generation, and the generation after. may they be of service to You, be of use to You." she prayed in a melodic chinese, as this generation and the generation that came after were gathered around the dining table. she had started her blessing softly like how she would often do, in a quiet voice, with a soft tenderness that only a mother of ten can deliver. she praised God for being good, for Him for being our Lord, how it was an honor and a privilege to worship Him. she praised God for His virtues, for being our savior, for loving us, for redeeming us, for being our ever beloved. and as she prayed and praised and gave glory to Him who deserved it, the fire in her spirit burned brighter and brighter, stronger than any one else' i have felt. the tenderness in her voice was replaced by a more forceful tone. it drove her words, like daggers and spears, into the ones gathered around her. a connection was made. it strung us all together, bound us tighter than blood ties and held us to something that was deeper, more powerful. her prayer had reached its climax and i could only sit, listen and marvel at the awesomeness of her offering, how rich and blessed she must really be, how much life and love and knowing she must have had attained to pray such a prayer and even touch those around her. she overflowed and outpoured, and we all benefited in it. and as she gradually wound back down after reaching the height of her praise, everyone seemed to have given off a soft sigh, an exhale from the ecstasy. on her last phrases she gave thanks to the food, and we all confirmed with her with our humble "amen"s. as we unbowed our heads and slowly began to stir from our seats, i took a moment to reflect again on this very common event in my household. i smiled as i reminded myself how much i love my lola, and how much i love it whenever she kicks spiritual ass!


wanderingcommuter said...

wickedly sweet! hahaha

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i miss my lola. :c she and the big guy upstairs were pretty close, too.

gentle said...

wow, the way you described it, jamie.. you're lola must be a very spiritual person. i like it that she's become your families source of spiritual inspirition; kik-ass lola, indeed. ;)

word verif : versa ahehehe.