Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a discourse on veritas, by ling-ling*

truth could care less what you thinking of it. how you reason, what you rationale, what ever you concepting, mean nothing in face of truth! truth is truth. it remaining absolute even without you or your idea. it exists irregardless. its element, constant. its definition, uncompromising.

it like tip of BIG iceberg. you only see what is sticking out. very small. but what you don't see is big underside, almost as big as your great uncle's belly after he ate hotel buffet and would not stop because he want to eat his money's worth. anyway, you may not see the big underside of small tip iceberg, but that not mean it's not there. it does not mean it's not true. that is truth.

truth is sound of tree falling in forest after illegal loggers cut it down. you may not hear it, but sound still there. it will always make sound. government official may say it never happen and no tree fall there as well but then, we here talking about truth... government not really best example.

truth is like calories in your favorite quadruple shot caffe americano. i don't know why you like it but even if you don't taste it, calories still there and you should not be surprise that you get fat because of it. better drink tea. no calories... like splenda!

truth like you buy rolex at greenhills from your suki. it look real, it feel real, it sound real. it tell real time. it may even have real diamonds. you bring it to rolex service center to check and they say it real too! they say it real, you think it real. you show your friends and they say "wah! you so lucky and rich, you be able to buy rolex with diamonds!" you feel proud because you own a real rolex. so pretty and so rich, noh? but that not the truth. the truth is somewhere in china, someone just really good in making good copy, so good it fool everyone. either that or you went to bad rolex service center. that is the truth.

this is truth. it no matter what you think. it no matter what people say. it no matter what you believe. it will not change the truth. you not make the truth any more true, it is true on its own. you do not make the truth. it will not bend to you. ok?

* ling-ling, my hairbun sporting, karate shoe wearing, hairy moled chief accountant, who occupies a third of the trinity in my psyche had a sudden spark of insight while i was walking home one morning. it was hard to keep her quiet, being the way she is, hence i felt it was only proper to publish her thoughts, praying that by doing so, my quiet mornings will be once again be, quiet.


joelmcvie said...

Dear Ling-Ling,

Truth may exist in and of itself, but the more important question to ask is, can any human being really know the objective truth? Because human beings, being who we are, are always subjective. We can try our best to be as objective as we can, but like your iceberg metaphor, we're only scratching the surface.

So, if truth falls like a tree in the middle of the forest, and no one hears or sees it, did it ever really happen?

Word verification: "cogic" (which to me seems like a shortening of "cognitive logic", but that's just subjective me talking, hehehe)



Eternal Wanderer... said...

Truth is only absolute in in the perception of the individual involved.

Eeeerm, nosebleed snetence.