Friday, May 22, 2009


dear blog,

sorry for the neglect. you must feel absolutely livid with me right now for totally ignoring you this long. despite the many things that have been happening since my last entry, i am afraid i just could not find the time, nor the energy to write. work as you may well know (or not, since i really don't write about it) has practically taken up my days and since it's a family business, duties extend way beyond your standard (and humane) 9-5 hours. my social life is obviously suffering due to this shift in my routine but like a mantra we have in the business, everything comes with a price (even with discounts, the price is still high). i still have vestiges in my day to enjoy non-work related activities, or so i call them, like go the the hardware store and buy locks and tiles for my OTHER job, or enjoy a cup of java at 1am on a weekday while battling sleep and trying to have some QT with my folks. but i really shouldn't complain. work is only just work, and family will always be a bit more lenient than the typical slave-driving boss. i really shouldn't ask for more... SO. to appease you for my very unforgivable absence, dearest blog, allow me to give you a synopsis of the highlight of my days.

* * * * *

i was able to watch ANGELS & DEMONS last tuesday, miraculously considering how late i leave the office, at trinoma with the cousins. had a sinful dinner comprising of spinach and cheese penne with uber deadly granny smith apples and cream courtesy of my gourmand aunt before rushing to the mall to hopefully catch the second to the last screening. we arrived 15mins before the show. fell in line at probably the slowest ticket queue ever (i'm not exaggerating, it was ridiculously slow) and got to our seats just before they finished showing the trailers. the theater was packed despite it being a weekday. it was supposed to be a stress-free evening, enjoying a good movie; savoring still a good meal; in the company of cool family. stress free... that was, until the entire row behind us suddenly decided it was their God-given duty to give a point by point commentary on the movie, as the plot unfolds. NOT ONLY DID THEY COMMENT LOUDLY WITHOUT EVEN BOTHERING TO APPRECIATE THE VALUE OF THE WHISPER (which, in a movie house, i still would never encourage), THEY ALSO DECIDED IT BE THE PERFECT TIME TO GOSSIP AMONGST THEMSELVES WHEN A MEMBER OF THEIR "HERD" GOT THEIR ORDER FROM THE FOOD KIOSK WRONG AND WAS THREATENING TO "SUE" THEM FOR THE INCONVINIENCE THE CAUSED. i swear, sharp looks and "shush-es" could not quench their disrespect. a bazooka maybe, too bad i left mine in my other bag! these people had hides thick as the great wall of china and the conduct of nicaraguan howler monkeys... um, maybe not. i really shouldn't be so mean.... the howler monkeys don't deserve it. UGH!

* * * * *

notice currently that some young boys (and men who think that they're boys for that matter), in lieu probably of the latest hip hop craze that i really never bother myself with, wear these uber designed baseball caps and have them "float" on top of their heads. i mean float, since they don't really wear the caps, just have the lightly rest on top of their heads as if they have something large hidden underneath. this new manner of dress give these fellows an extra umph to the heights of their craniums, probably paying homage to the classy pouf madame marcos made vogue before, or even marie antoinette before that. anyways, though i really shouldn't comment on other people's fashion (or lack of it) sense, i have to draw the line if said sense becomes the major cause of me not enjoying my stress-free night. as if the row of turkeys sitting behind wasn't enough, we had to also contend with this moron who sat in front of us and his utterly inconsiderate cap. dude.... it's PITCH BLACK, no one will take notice if you have a bad hair day, or even if you have any hair to begin with since its, well.. its PITCH BLACK! also, the theater is the last place for one to try to look fashionable, unless it's a premier and if you're a celeb worth people's attention. now, since we are NOT at a premier and you are NOT a celeb, and that no one will give a rat's smelly ass that you are trying (desperately) to look cool since the theater is PITCH BLACK, explain to me why instead of robert langdon zipping in and out of rome, all i see is this mountain of a pain in the form of your cap in front of me? besides the fact that you are a moron?

explain here ..........................................................................................!!!!!!!!!!

* * * * *

we had a last supper of some sorts for my cousin, who is now back in the land of maple leaves, last wednesday at the cafe at ACE WATER SPA here along del monte. the food was so-so but the facilities of the place, after giving it a brief scan, i have to say is pretty impressive. the water spa of a european concept and according to my friend, is similar to this facility in bali wherein to go along a series of pools where jets of water massages you and practically, wash all your worries away. i wasn't able to try it out yet since i didn't have my swimming gear with me (you have to be in skin tight trunks, no shorts and shirt for the more discreet here) but i definitely wouldn't mind giving it a try in the future. most especially after that trinoma experience....

* * * * *

due to my utterly stubborn sheer shin, i am afraid i have to hang my running shoes for now and put my dreams of running a full marathon on hold. i have been suffering this sharp ache on my tibia for almost 2 months now and have done almost everything i know to get rid of it, from resting; taking anti-inflam meds; deep tissue massaging; even buying a new pair of shoes. unfortunately, like it's owner, it too doesn't know when to quit. so with the risks of suffering more serious injury if i choose to ignore the pain, i go on a marathon hiatus. my heart breaks when i see people run and my limbs now bear withdrawal symptoms of running long distances, but such is life. it was fun when it lasted.

* * * * *

since i now have no sport to challenge my endurance, i'm deciding to resurrect an old fascination of mine again, kickboxing. i had my first session of yaw-yan, or filipino kickboxing, last night at sarreal boxing gym here along banaue and almost died from my trainer. he was this short, lean, cut little bugger with the stamina of a bull! despite the fact that i couldn't understand him most of the time (he's a bit poor in giving uncoordinated people, like me, instructions) he was still able to have me do everything he wanted to knock the holy wind out of my lungs, that and probably half my weight in water since i was dripping wet by the end of our 2 hour, one-on-one session. did i mention this was my FIRST SESSION?!!! needless to say, i really did enjoy the workout. sure i was exhausted near to delirium, sure i was bruised and scratched and blistered from all that punching and kicking, sure i was wondering how i could get myself down 4 flights of stairs, sure i was apprehensive if i could manage to drive myself home, but the adrenaline and endorphin rush i was in was all worth it. can't wait to go back!

so there you have it, blog. the few highlights of my days. the same ones i have not had the time to document since, like what i should be doing now as i write, i should be working.

really.... i should.

lovingly yours,

jamie, the polar bear

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