Friday, February 8, 2008

who needs cirque du soleil!

after weeks of apparently being kidnapped and in hiding, political scandal star witness jun lozada finally surfaced and will now face the senate blue ribbon committee.

deja vu don't think? once again, the filipino people are glued onto their sets for what is the beginning of another political and media circus. a repeat performance involving money (lots of it, more than a billion pesos worth), corrupt government officials, idealistic and ignorant civil servants, and of course, the president and her entire clique!

the air is still rather clear as of the moment and the pandora's box, not yet been fully opened. i just hope that they handle this better than the last time. i sincerely think the world is getting sick and tired of our country going up in revolt every time something like this happens, but then again, we have always been good in theatrics.

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savante said...

Guess we aren't the only ones with political scandals :)