Friday, February 22, 2008

things that go BOOM!

i was having another bout of insomnia last night, probably due to residual adrenaline and the fact that i was insanely craving for a big mac. since i could not manage to flirt with the sandman to put me out of my misery, i therefore sought comfort in my next best friend... cable TV. i spent the rest of the night watching the news which eventually conked me out.

by 330am, i was woken up by my brother ringing my cell telling me to open the gate for him. he works nights and comes home on the most ungodly hours. though it usually drives me nuts to have my sleep interrupted like that, over the years, i have gotten used to it and have learned to find again the warm spot in my bed to snuggle back into before i was snatched from la-la land. today however, i decided to stay up. kuya was flying out early that morning and i was designated driver. since he was going to be putting about in the room, i doubt i would get any sleep even if i wanted to. he at least made it my while by buying me big macs, two to be exact. both never lived long enough to see the sunrise since i devoured both like they were my last meal in the world!

though satiated, i was still rather groggy and wished that i could fall back to sleep. this however was not to be since my mom, in her frantic tone barged into our room saying that there was a fire in the neighborhood. my brother and i ran up to the terrace to get a better look and found that indeed, there was a fire. a big one for that fact. a wooden building down our block that served as a store house for a soft drinks dealer was totally engulfed in flames. since the building was old, the fire spread pretty rapidly. the fire for a moment seemed to get out of hand when part of the roof collapsed and air rushed in to feed the flames. thankfully, the fire fighters were able to bring the situation back under control and eventually, put the flames out a few hours later. i sure hope no one got hurt.

one, two, three... KABOOM!!!

on another note that i was hoping to relate to this early morning incident, but now can't seem to find the connection due to my sleeplessness, the US army was successful in shooting and destroying their rogue spy satellite that was dangerously revolving around earth, set to fall out of the sky and hit, weel, anywhere! technically, space garbage like that isn't really too much of a concern for the US since they already have loads of crap left floating up in our atmosphere. however, this satellite was a different little booger. apparently, the satellite still had a full tank of rocket fuel, hydrazine, a substance so poisonous, the pentagon had to keep medics across the US alert in case hydrazine poisoning occurs if and when the satellite falls from the sky. of course this was a concern to the US, i'm sure considering the amount of shit that they're in already as of the moment, the next thing that they need is more shit to bury them in. also, since this was a SPY satellite, it contained sensitive information that according to them, would be deadly if it fell on enemy hands... how james BOND!!!! so, rather than risk being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians and having their peep show broadcasted on, well, youtube, they instead decided just to blow the sucker from the sky. a single missile shot from ship intercepted the satellite in orbit and blew it into smithereens! what made this particular mission unique according to the US is that the missile was not armed but instead just had a very "hard head". technically, it was the satellite that shot itself into the missile since the satellite was cruising at a whopping speed of 17,000 mph!!!! so now, instead of just having 1 piece of crap in the sky that can fall almost anywhere, we have a gazillion pieces floating in the sky and can fall anywhere. pieces as large as a football they say. something we shouldn't worry about since the chances of us getting hit is 1: 2,000,000. i don't know about you but i'm gonna keep my eyes up for shooting stars and pray that they hit someone deserving to earn a blessing form heaven... o well maybe some government official?

you're outta here!!!

on another side note that was supposed to relate but can't. HK actor edison chen is giving up show business indefinitely, according to the press conference he held in response to the sex scandal he got himself into involving other chinese actresses in thousands of rather naughty pictures. now, in case you guys didn't know, sex scandals, though almost a publicity stunt in the west that even ugly, unpopular people have, are quite frowned upon here in the east. good luck if you think such a ploy would catapult your career like what it did to paris hilton and the like. here, getting into any scandal, is like getting the kiss of death. in fairness to chen, he handled himself quite well and apologized for all the harm he had done. he said the photos were private and were never intended to be made public. he said he was sorry for disappointing his fans and will leave the limelight for failing to be a role model. awwww, how sad. now, if only our local politicians were that honorable.

i'm sorry i was a horny, naughty boy.

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