Friday, February 1, 2008

just for laughs

kuya and i were driving back home from lunch after my cousin treated the family for his birthday. on our way back, for reasons i can no longer remember, kuya and i got into little argument. i'm quite an emotional fellow and get pretty worked up during arguments, add to that the stresses of driving and you have with you a deadly combination. things could have escalated but thankfully, we had this "vision" of beauty to diffuse the air. all i could do was laugh and laugh and scream out a loud "OH MY GAAAAD!!!!" needless to say my brother scrambled to get my phone to take pictures.

OMG! from the back. what originally caught BOTH of our attention.

OMG! from the front. i'm seriously considering that they just ran over someone bringing flowers for the dead and the bouquet just got stuck on the grills! seriously!!!!

to the guys who got married in this monstrosity on wheels, i pray that your marriage be blissful and full of love. i believe you would need every bit of it if you guys started off in something like THIS. to the people who did THIS, thank you all so much for saving me and keeping me sane. i certainly would have had run over a street kid on a bout of road rage if it weren't for your rather attention-catching creation. maybe you guys should get jobs in war-torn iraq. i'm sure they'll appreciate the distraction. you guys might even force those rebels to give up!

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