Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hiatus is OBER!

the past month and three quarters had been toxic to say the least. so toxic that my body had no other recourse but to bog down and allow me to get sick, thinking that would cause me to slow down long enough for it to recoup. unfortunately for it, my brain, stubborn as it has already been defined, chose to completely ignore the fact that i was already running a fever, my innards are refusing to function what is medically normal, i was loosing sleep, eating uncontrollably, developing the worst stress-induced eczema flare-ups, and other maladies i don't even want to mention. indeed, slowing down and taking a break seemed like the only option i cannot take as i trudged on, till today, to finish everything i had gotten my eager hands on. day-job where work seems endless, freelance design duties that requires utmost vigilance, articles with deadlines to meet, family duties, boyfriend duties, friends, Romans, COUNTRYMEN!!!!!

the blog was the first to suffer. i had wanted to write for many an occasion already but just as i was supposed to hit the first letter, something more urgent came up. either it was to conserve the words in my head before i hemorrhage them all onto my two articles, or i save up on much needed energy to survive the very long day ahead, i had to give up writing and ranting on this blog for a while since, well, it was the least of my priorities at those times (sorry blog).just when things started to feel like, well, its time to end this journal of mine because life is now getting in the way, my stubborn brain again exercises its "stubbornaity" and churns out THIS post, just to end the inertia of inactivity and rantlessness.... as if the world really needs more ranting.

so what is there now to write about? besides work, that is? sex? never really on this blog, though i have to say, i have been tempted to do so many times, then decided against it. i'm not that desperate for attention. also, nothing much to write from the home front either.

wait.... sorry.... a supplier called. wait, what was i talking about again? sex? what about sex?

now i lost my train of thought. LECHE.

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claudiopoi said...

finally, you are back!

i miss reading your posts! wag ka na mawala ulit ha! :D