Monday, March 28, 2011

the fraying

it was that lady crossing the street, unmindful of my car's speed and my blaring horn scolding her for jaywalking and crossing into my line of way, not even mentioning that she had her kid in tow, her child shielding her grossly rotund body in the case i decide to run her over and maybe rid this world of one more idiot, not much harm done since it seems, we have in abundance of them.

it was that cop that pulled me over while i was driving along EDSA, for violating some traffic rule stating that if one is on the U-turn lane and fails to take a turn, then pull the son-of-a-bitch over. of course he fails to notice that i would be on the right lane, if only he'd do his job and bust the maniacal manner of driving the buses take, as well as the crisscrossing motorcyclists who ride as if playing "patintero" with death. of course he threatens to fine me a ridiculous amount of money for the most minor of offenses. of course he was extorting me for snack-money.

it was the jeepney driver who would stop in the middle of the street, completely obstructing traffic, just so he could take his time to drink his bottle of water, while waiting, hoping that some passenger would decide to ride in his vehicle. never mind the incessant clamor of motorists, now piling up behind him slowly growing livid as to why he was not moving.

it was the kid who played outside our house, sprawled on our driveway, engrossed in his precursor-to-gambling game, expletives building much of his vocabulary, since his mother, equally engrossed in her game of bingo, sitting a few feet behind him, communicates with him the same way.

it was that guy who would bum across our house the entire day, smoking, drinking, playing his tapes of heavy-metal music, guns 'n roses, metallica, parokya ni edgar, every morning. he sits in front of the speakers while they bombard his probably damaged eardrums, reading the paper or maybe, eating off the floor, food provided by his elderly in-laws who day in and day out work selling fruits at divisoria.

it was seeing that picture in the papers about how so many people were rallying to oppose the Rh bill. a movement headed by many empowered and self-righteous religious groups since they believe the bill will corrupt the morals of the people. of course it's debatable what morals they are trying to protect, more so, if they really are even the right people to protect them.

it was seeing the local shows we have on TV and realizing how i miss my sesame street.

it was seeing the kind of people who run the country, a band of (in no particular order) thieves, murderers, cowards, idiots, criminals, lunatics, geriatrics, celebrities, cronies.

it was hearing and reading about the 50 Japanese workers who decided to stay behind. 

i told my mom, while on the drive home from lunch, after pondering all of these things.... that i do not want to grow old fighting to survive these things, that it's time we begin to considering leaving now. she, after being so resistant all these years, for the first time, agreed.

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red the mod said...

I feel your frustration. It does get to be too much, too intense, too indignant sometimes. But, its not always like that. We can still be thankful for a lot of things, for one we're not any of those you've enumerated. Cheer up! We're still on the right side of the tracks. :)