Saturday, November 14, 2009

small things

details. they say that you will eventually find God in them. that in His vast greatness and multifariousness, it is strangely yet ever so sweetly ironic that you learn to appreciate Him in the most minute of things. the curl of a lip, the texture of a thumbnail, the cleft on a nose, the slant of the eye, the shape of a chin, the smile, the grin, the gaze, the beating silence that exists between two people screaming inside.

i have often wondered why it is that i notice these things, more so, find significance in them rather that the more overt displays that we humans are so keen to do. considering how much more effort one has to exercise to process these many minuscule accounts, surely, i would sometimes think, surely there is something more to these things than them just being mere incidentals, by-products of the lives we lead.

maybe i just like to be difficult, and add a few more layers to the abundantly complex life i already lead.

maybe i just like to be different, and do things others don't do, even if it's utterly unnecessary.

but as i spot and observe the million and one small slivers that we humans unconsciously give out amidst the gamut that is our gross actions. as i sense and feel and realize and appreciate the small things that i do see, i cannot help it but feel glad that i do, for in learning to acknowledge what people often do not pay much attention to, you learn many things people also do not know:

like how a brush of the knee can be excruciating and yet, euphoric;

like how a hug can send you to heaven and then to hell at the same time.

* * * * *

amidst a tumultuous sea of uncertainties, finding this one nugget of truth in all of it was truly worth the arduous swim.


migs, the manila gay guy said...


Teban said...

I am new to reading your blog but you write really well. i am following you.

"like how a brush of the knee can be excruciating and yet, euphoric " ---> i can perfectly relate to this... lalo na kapag crush mo ang kasama mo sa moviehouse. =)

isang kilig at sigh.

Knoxxy said...


red the mod said...

I agree. Being very anal with things, often I find myself obsessing with the littlest of details. Yet despite this, I always find the most surprising things from other people in the smallest of gestures.

Sincerity can never be determined from the grand and self-apparent, but from the humble yet heartfelt.

Welcome back Jamie.

xtian1978ii said...

oo sobra haay ganun talaga, konting touch lang ayun na ang mga sparks

jamie da vinci! said...

@ mgg. miss you sir.

@teban. thank you for following.

@knoxxy. thanks! :)

@red. was i ever gone? :) just been busy with work and having nothing to write about. hehehe. not as good of a writer like you kasi.

@xtian. di lang sparks. the fire can be consuming!