Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ugh. mornings.

worse, mornings after a long night and not getting much sleep. you wake up to a dark room, too dark for it to be day yet but basing on the cacophony outside, you know that you having woken up earlier than expected is just wishful thinking. you lay there for a moment, lingering a bit longer, waiting for something to happen, anything, to maybe give you that JOLT to make you pry yourself off your bed, your body snugly nestled under its pile of blankets and pillows. you hear yourself breathing, the turbulent roaring in your ear. your mind then goes on a conversation with itself, well, mine does anyway. it ponders, whether to be victorious to the first challenge in the day, the battle against inertia.

the ticking of the clock against the quiet of the room becomes irritatingly apparent. a quick glance at it only shows that i have been immobile far longer than i usually should. your mind gives off a sigh. your muscles tense up. you take a deep, expanding breath and grab the surrounding air. inertia overcome. you release a steady groan, the reign of stillness comes to a violent end.

the day awaits.


dabo said...

ang hiram talaga bumangon minsan... tama ka, ang buong maghapon, iniintay tayo pero pagkatapos iiwan din tayo.

Boying Opaw said...

wake up and smell the coffee?

hayaan mo bukas aantayin ka ng 'buong maghapon' ulit. kelangan lang niyang magpahinga din. haha.

Victor Gregor said...

i used to look forward to mornings. then i started working the call center scene.

citybuoy said...

like vic, i've gotten used to waking up at weird hours. i wish there was a day we could just stay in bed forever. even weekends give way to movies and hanging out.