Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meet and greet

So it has been ten months since my last relationship ended, and though it would have been nice to write about budding romances and hopeful futures filled with sanguine imagery, my life has been quite dry in the love department, not that I'm feeling sorry about it really.

I don't really know if it's normal to be this disinterested in relationships since it seems a lot of my peers were quick to rebound from their failed romances. I did try to rekindle my heart to consider potentials but either the market has been short of good pickings or it's just me... losing all interest in love altogether.

I did have some hopefuls. Some.

Mr. Singapore was charming to say the least. He chatted me up while on his last day in the country and despite not really being the LDR type of guy, I considered keeping in touch with him since he was awfully pleasant and offered me the decent conversations I always enjoyed. I grew fond of him, and maybe among all those I've met, he was the only one I honestly considered... he, however wanted to keep things platonic. I respected that. Work eventually got in the way of schedules and just as quickly as we became close, so did interests begin to wane until now all I have of him is a number and a long thread of messages we shared about the most random of things.

The Chemist was a Fil-chi boy based in the US, taking up his Doctorate in Chemistry. I never really thought our conversation were all that serious because our topics revolved more around our fitness regimens and him trying to find guys to date. He said he was lonely and wanted someone nice to talk to. I guess I was nice and familiar enough for him that he took the effort to pick me out among the many guys he'd been lurking on online. Our topics soon found me feeling all motherly towards him. Maybe from all those times I'd comfort him when he'd text me about being lonely and being nervous about this guy he's trying to date. I don't hear from him much anymore. I hope he's happier now.

Gladiator is an athlete, singer, and taken... 10 years in a relationship and well, chatting with me. Needless to say my morals tell me to stay away from the guy, however, I have not, and have maintained contact with him through text messages. Though I can say there will never be any chance of things happening between us, I have however entertained the idea of dating him... if he weren't attached that is. I enjoy his wit. I enjoy his eloquence, his intelligence, and in a way, though questionable, his commitment to his partner. Opportunities to meet in person never seem to come about and that's fine. I guess even destiny is guarding me.

There was the Rocker who was always busy with his music. The Designer who was hot, but apparently a pothead. The Stylist whom my friends advised me to stay away from. The OTHER stylist who just need a f*ck. The lawyer who would suddenly BURST into song. The IT professional who just disappeared. The Malaysian who was too far away. The Merchandiser who I just couldn't fall for.

I really do think I tried and put myself into the trouble of really, really consider people, but sadly, no one seems to fit. I really don't mind so much. People say I'm too picky, I just say, I guess I am already at a point in my life where I know what I want and don't really wish to compromise on it. It's not THAT high, my standards is, and to be quite honest, I have much to give, much to offer, so it really is right for me to be patience and take my time to find the right person... if ever that person does exist.


Victor Saudad said...

You think much about other people...

how about putting yourself first?

jamie da vinci! said...

I still am not putting my needs first you think, victor? haha. you should have met me earlier and witnessed what a glorious doormat i turned out to be :)

of course i still can't say i've fully freed myself from being the quintessential pleaser of people, progress is slow but at least there is progress :)