Thursday, March 21, 2013

the embrace

I pan the horizon, the setting sun washing the colors of tin roofs and crumbling facades in hues of crimson and gold. I set my eye finally on you, sitting yourself quietly alone on your ledge, sitting precariously, inches away from a fatal drop i am comforted you will never be a victim of. you are, after all, a person of great control. yet in your quiet stillness, oblivious to my presence, I wonder, what stirs in your mind.

I approach you.

I sit beside you and study your focused expression, your distant stare onto the wide horizon. you did not stir. you did not flinch as if enchanted by a spell i was once aware of. i follow your gaze, beyond glowing roofs and bleeding facades, past the mountains and hills, past the breaking clouds that lined afar, onto the fading setting sun. it called to you.

i know. it called me once too, but the silence has now engulfed me and i have lost my control.

and as the initial inches become feet and miles, and as the image of you become a memory, i feel the wind in my face and wait for the cosmos to catch me, even if i know, you were still tightly in its overwhelming embrace.

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