Saturday, February 18, 2012

The bitch is back, with duller talons hopefully

If this blog was a girl, we wouldnt be friends anymore. She would have left me and ran off with the next guy she spots since i have been neglecting her. Thank goodness that im gay, hence my blog must be too. Not that im saying a gay person would leave me if i neglected them this long as well. So THANK GOODNESS my blog isnt a person! Who cares if ive neglected writing this long. Heck, i have a perfect reason why, i have been living :) thats why. Hehehe. That and im trying my best not to complain too much anymore, since my love has been saying that a lot of my entries tend to lean more on the negative. Such is having someone else to share you life with, someone now can see your life from another vantage point, and he can make so much sense that you'll find yourself saying to the mopping cry-baby you have nurtured inside all these years and say.... HEY. THATS NOT THAT BAD OF AN IDEA! Il try that.... Then TADA! You realized you REALLY are this melodramatic asshole who just love the attention of being melodramatic, and doing so has prevented you from seeing all the beauty and marvels life really has to offer. Of course im not saying my views are always all that wrong. Of course i have my moments when i think im objective enuf to leave the drama at the door and see things for what they are. It in those time, however, that my love is the one being the melodramatic queen, and the roles get reverese. I then become the guy who slaps senses into him, or throw him a bucket of ice water, whichever is more fun :) Sigh, the bliss of having a partner. It drives you crazy sometimes, to the brinks of utter exhaustion, i must say, but when you finally find yourself running low on fuel and steam and are about to throw in the towel, love grips you and it grips you tight. Then only do you realize you cant let go. Love has taken its hold and BY GOLLY! That thing can cling!!! So my life, sans blogging, has been pretty much like this: the rollercoaster ride of existence, but now im riding in a car for two :) much more fun and much more screaming! Ask my love about our ride when we were in Singapore, priceless! Hahahaha

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joelmcvie said...

I swear, a love life blunts blogging. Same here, hehehe.