Monday, May 9, 2011

white noise

trying on a new look, maybe it will help clear my head of certain things.

found myself in contemplation last night, something i haven't done in a long while. as the winds howled while they tore through tattered roofs and punctured walls in my neighborhood, i found myself lying half awake, half asleep, wondering why my conscience wasn't making the same ruckus.

it's not often you find people who "stress" over having a silent conscience, certainly it cannot be a bad thing not having an incessant nagging troubling you from with. however, like with a lot of things i have learned in my short existence, there are certain things, even unpleasant ones, that i cannot live without; a handkerchief in my pocket, a street atlas, bad smelling chinese medicine, and a conscience that would bother you from time to time. i am not necessarily saying that i am bothered with the fact that i have a silent conscience, rather, what really worries me is that there is a huge difference between a quiet conscience and a silent one... for only the dead truly remain silent you see.


Anonymous said...

Is it very wrong to miss you?

joelmcvie said...

I love the clean white background; I'm a fan of the "maaliwalas" look. Not a big fan of the font, though; but at least it's easy to read.

A change can do you good. =)

joelmcvie said...

Oh, but the choice of font and color for the blog entry title? Genius. Haylaveth!