Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wanted: a shrink

someone once told me, in all his wisdom, never to air my dirty laundry in public. so taking heed his advice, i won't... i'll just hide my ranting in symbols, codes and if needed, tell my story with interpretative dance!

bwahahahaha! ugh. damn this sickening feeling.

must be the season. all this residual, materialistic, jovial atmosphere filling the divisoria air is causing havoc to my equilibrium! this year seems to be extra special compared to the years prior. theres extra traffic, extra stress, extra drama, extra inis.... extra, extra, extra.

(sigh) i'm sure hoping the year won't end on such a dismal note for me, for next year's sake.

so what has been the catalyst to all of this pent up agitation? a boy. (mader-faxing-gad!!!! of all things, right?)

i honestly have no idea why i feel so affected when on any given day, i could give a rat's (pardon the rats) ass, which i guess is adding to the reason why i feel even more peeved that i'm peeved!

ok. (lamas breathing...)

the entire scenrio is actually super lame, more on my part really. it's so lame and pathetic that its too embarassing to even say. AAAARRGGH, just thinking about it wants me to hit my head on this brick wall.... or even THAT one over THERE!!!! huhuhuhuhu.... what's wrong with me???!!!

why did you have to message me you effing prick!!!???

why couldn't you just leave me in peace, in my life of solace, instead of me now contemplating on stalking you and downloading programs just to know ur VISIBLE even if your INVISIBLE on YM!!!!!???

see what you turned me into??? SEE!!!!!

i just HATE IT!!! i hate it so much, it's exhausting.... and yet, i can't stop. it's like that curse where you get cursed to dance forever, even after you die.... or whatever if even such a story of a curse exists...

LECHE KA!!!!! why do u have to be so intoxicatingly stalker-worthy!!!!

and get this, everytime i muster the strength to be rid of you, u suddenly make paramdam and i find myself going thru the roller coaster ride of getting rid of you ALL OVER AGAIN!



i need therapy, bad.


wanderingcommuter said...

never thought you will be this affected. hehehe! it will pass...

rudeboy said...

Mmm I imagine you in The Red Shoes, that grisly Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a girl who could not stop dancing in her enchanted red shoes. Were the shoes a metaphor for desire or obsession? Whatever they were, she could not stop dancing, much as she tried, until she was almost dead.

You know how it ended, right? Since she could not unlace the shoes herself, a woodsman had to chop them off. And they danced away into the forest, with the girl's feet still in them.

Lovely story.

jamie da vinci! said...

@ewik. easier said that done.

@rudeboy. um... chop my feet off? um. ok. i think i'm over my fixation now. hahahahaha! look at me! i'm all WELL. (dum-dee-dum-dum.... )

the geek said...

maybe this is the reason why i like one liner posts and just a pic to match...

i wish i could give you a hug again before christmas...

i'm a narnian said...

does my psychology degree count? hahaha

this is funny. you should tell me more when we get to see each other again. gosh.

ikaw na ang nagsabi: attraction should never be too difficult. :)

kung ayaw sa iyo, anong magagawa mo? ganyan din naman tayo sa iba di ba?

you know i am speaking from experience. LOL.