Thursday, December 24, 2009

the line

i have always loved the sight of a crisp, straight line. i marvel at how such a simple, plain element can be so powerful in dictating how we see, perceive, and appreciate a lot of things around us. this is probably one of the reasons i love wrapping gifts.... in a way, with each fold of paper, with each run of my fingers onto sharp edges, i pay homage to the line, thanking it, acknowledging it, for making the world, despite all its uncertainties, a bit more defined.

and since we are already on the topic of love, and 'tis the season for giving love, allow me to say, from the bottom of my heart... (in no particular order)

to outednarnian. i love you. thank you for the crazy times and all the salacious stories of your very interesting life. thank you for all the insights and for all the wacky, scandalous comments. thank you for running. for having me to join the singapore marathon and for convincing me to run the 21k. thank you for the heart felt hugs, i feel you broux! LOL

to misterhubs. i love you. thank you for being my friend. thank you for being hilariously funny and for your (rather presently dormant) blog. thank you for your wit, your intoxicating smile and for your positive attitude. getting to meet you that one xmas party not too long ago was definitely a highlight in my life. when i said i was a fan... i meant it.

to joel mcvie. mader.... you are my mother goose with facial hair. ahahahahaha! thank you for all the nurturing and all the truth slapping you offer me when i need it the most. thank you for keeping me in line and for being my "auditor" when i begin to stray from reality. you may have your weaknesses, but you have always been strong when i needed you the most. thank you. i love you much.

to ian. munchkin. mahal kita. bwisit ka lang na binansagan mo akong aslan, pero, keri lang, nagpagupit naman ako so no one will get ur joke anymore... sadly, u cant correct ur LITTLE predicament. ahahahahaha! i love you to bits!!!!! i can't help it. a pramis is a pramis... magpapakasal tayo!! ahahahahaha. missing you always dear.

to ewik. just so not to cause trouble, i won't say i love you, but know that i do. hehehehehe. thank you for being my friend, for giving me those side splitting laughing trips that only a deranged nutcase like yourself can provide. thank you for all the good times and for all the better times. for introducing me to so many people and for allowing me to be part of their lives as well (chismoso ka kasi... bwahahahaha!)

to jaybeecc and jc. mahal ko kayong dalawa, and now that you guys are together, masmahal ko pa kayo. i just LOVE you guys, to the point, gusto ko kayong paguntog-untogin!!! ok lang jaybee, fluffy naman si jc. ahahahaha! thank your making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever i see the two of you in your simple existence. jaybee, you have one of the kindest heart i know. jc, i love to be lost in your hair (GANUN!???) ahahahaha....

to syoti. alagaan mo 'tong puso ko, sa piling ng iyong maliit na palad. datapwat alam natin na may hangganan 'tong oras nating magkapiling, gusto kong malaman no na mahal kita. pwede na to. oks na ako. ayaw ko nang humingi pa sa tadhana. natutunan ko nang maging masaya. sana ikaw rin.

to all the friends i have met, to all the new ones i have made, thank you. i love you all as well. thank you for making this year special. i count my blessings this year in the form of faces, for i remember them more. looking back at the year, i can only be overjoyed by how many i can recall. your lovely faces, how they shine brightly in my memory, gracing me with happy thoughts and filling my small heart with the most unspeakable thanfulness.

happy holidays!!!


Misterhubs said...

It was around a year ago when I first met you at that party and barely said a word, then last night we made our "non-ambitious" revelations to each other. Full circle! Thanks for all the moments we've had this year, especially: the Binondo food trip, our rainbow runs, Wensha massages, and Greenbelt dinners. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for the hugs. I love you too and enjoy your Hong Kong holiday. You deserve this long break from work! =)

jaybeecc said...

we love you too! mwah mwah hugs hugs! magulo kami parang kulot na buhok. magulo pero maayos din. ah, irony. as in plantsa. corny na naman ako! thank you, thank you, you've always been a kind, generous, soft-spoken (read: afraid to see you angry), and intelligent guy... wala nang pero, pero basta! to THE someone who will make you very happy and will share in your life: good decision! good job! see you guys very soon! =)

wanderingcommuter said...

tinatamad akong mag reply. hahaha! tamad talaga ako you know that na naman! so isa lang masasabi ko, hindi ako chismoso! mas madami ka pang chinichismis sa akin. ikaw kaya source ko!!! hahaha!!

love you, jamie. wala akong pakialam kung may magagalit pa. titirisin ko lang yun! hahaha!


thecurioscat said...

happy holidays!

i'm a narnian said...

Jamie!!! keep my gift tag. this friendship is only less than a year old, but i've shared with you a lot of things that i've never shared with anyone else. i love you, jamie. thanks for your presence in my life.

And i am looking forward to making more memories with you this coming year. Trips abroad! let's go!!

enjoy hongkong!

citybuoy said...

merry christmas jamie!

Reena said...

wow, this is so sweet. happy holidays!

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