Thursday, September 27, 2012

the revisitation

Walking through empty silent corridors, gently brushing the timber wainscoting with my naked fingers, feeling the cracking paint under my fingertips. the rough texture of your surfaces sends a tingling shiver up my spine, exciting me, almost to a mischievous smile. i stop to remember, feeling the slow, controlled rise and fall of my chest. head bowed as if it would help me reminisce all those wonderful, painful, joyful and frightful memories locked within these silent, dark, and cold walls. i have indeed forgotten so many, so many that has formed me through the years, but i guess, in my transient forgetfulness, my mind is stirred again to recollect where i have been, how i got here and now, where i should go.

the golden rays of sunlight filter through the lone window in the end, casting it's signature glow i have known so well. the floors reveal now their exquisite grain, the walls now shout in its glorious light. my shivering has waned. the tingling has ceased, and my slow grin has disappeared. oh how beautiful you have once made yourself, my beloved. oh how beautiful you are... but i must now go. you have left no more room for me here now. you have finally perfected the art of solitude, that even my shadow disrupts the fullness of your void.


red the mod said...

Your descriptive faculties are as precise as design specifications. It is so refreshing how metaphorically it embodies sentiment. So palpable. I hope you find new ground to plant upon, again. Somewhere where your shadow is a welcomed warmth for your beloved seedling.

Be well.

jamie da vinci! said...

nosebleed ka pa rin magcomment, red! hahaha. be well as well. :)