Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another driving post

I cannot recall how often i have mentioned about my bitter-sweet relationship with driving. Although i cannot part myself with the obvious advantages of being able to shuttle myslef, at my own leisure from point A to B, i also cannot seem to get over the fact that it drives me crazy sometimes being behind the wheel, almost to points when i would find myself palpitating and close to screaming till my dog's eardrums hurt.

I have always wished i was a calm driver, someone who remains unfazed when jeepneys swerve unmindful of other vehicles, when pedestrians lazily cross as if theyre impurvious to on-coming metal, when pedicabs, motorbikes, dogs, cats, the occasional rats simple occupy the road without any consideration that death in the city comes with 4 wheels and xenon headlights. How i wish i could just be overwhelmed in my own zen rather that wishing for the most unfortunate of scenarios for those who would find themselves in the most unlucky of places, in my war path, for that is often the case when i drive. My route is my battle. Apart from rare sundays and pacquiao fighting on the idiot-box, my route always feels like driving in a video game.... Maddening.

More often than not, i drive with the radio off. I learned that music influences my mood, especially when i am most volatile when behind the wheel. I however give in when listening to classical music since, i thought, surely orchestral music can sooth my troubked driving soul. It did initially, until you get to fast paced, high-octane pieces that is, then its almost listening to heavy metal as well (brass... Heavy metal indeed). So im back to having the hum of my engine as my background noise. Imagine what would happen if they suddenly play VERDI!!!!

This morning, i tried doing what i used to do before, that is to sing. I think it worked since i got to the office with the slightest bit of agitation. I guess ill try this for a couple of days. Dont worry, il keep it soft. Im sure the weather wouldnt mind.

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