Monday, April 11, 2011


it's like sitting on a lone chair,
while sitting in a large empty room,
facing a towering dormer window,
facing east towards the harsh,
bleaching rays of the warm,
warm summer sun.
you sit there frozen,
fingers tightly gripping your seat, 
as if a wrecking ball is set off on full swing,
it's weighted momentum sent crashing towards you. 
you stare outside, not daring to blink, 
your eyes stinging, by the glare, 
by the arid room air, 
as you try to betray your innermost whims, 
for survival, for safety, 
and force yourself to see past beyond the glistening window pane, 
past the shine, 
past the lush valley that spans in between, 
towards the distance to where the unknown rest, 
ominous, evil, dangerous, painful unknown, 
hiding in the shroud of the golden rays of the warm, summer sun. 
the cold cannot protect you.
the quiet cannot save you,
and the slow crescendo of noise from you past
begin to fill your hollow head with echoes and whispers and unperceivable horrors. 
like galloping horses they approach
and your tight, tight grip forces you
not to run away.
they are coming, you see them
they are coming, you scream

and the towering window begins to fold before you
it bends and it bows, like that of a beautiful memory
large eyes blinking, slowly shutting to the brightness outside
the shadow of the light, now approaching from above
and as the light succumb to the night
as the sun becomes veiled from sight
the quiet begins to prevail again
the voices, the screaming, the wails, the clamor
begin to fade again to the hushed stillnesss
of the emptiness of the room you are in.
the temperature drops
your grip relaxes
your breathing slows
and your shoulders fall
it is over, finally. 

you had buried everything all over again.

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