Wednesday, July 14, 2010


respect. i certainly earned enough through the course of my short life. if you demand what is due to you, then be fair and give what is due to me, and i'm not even asking for that much.

how dare you answer for me.
how dare you determine what i should or should not do.
how dare you take away my right to a choice when you yourself demand always for yours.
how dare you set a different standard for me.

you see me weak, i see myself weak as well. how else can i not be when even until now, i am still forced to submit.

you should have never given me the idea of having choices. at least, it would be something less for me to think about.


wanderingcommuter said...

hanggang ngayon natatakot ako samga ganitong entries mo...

but yes, may tama ka. i feel the emotion of thi sentry.

*naku, inaatake ka na ng spam!

red the mod said...

He dared because, apparently, no one has ever dared tell him that its inappropriate, and even indecent, to undermine another's capacity to decide for themselves. That he is never always right.

Until now.